Kabelfabriek Delft

Transforming an old cable factory and surroundings

In Schieoevers, the biggest industrial area of Delft, TCN is working on the (re)development of a new mixed use area where small industry, offices, residential and leisure will seamlessly blend together. The ‘Kabelfabriek’ (formerly Cable Factory), a breeding ground for technical and creative pioneers, is and will remain the heart of this so-called Kabeldistrict (Cable District).

Schieoevers is the biggest industrial area of Delft. It offers space to approximately 300 companies. Schieoevers is centrally located, between the technical university of Delft, train station Delft South and the city center. The heart of the district is the Kabelfabriek, a breeding ground for technical and creative pioneers. TCN is working on the (re)development of a new district around the Kabelfabriek called the Kabeldistrict. This will become an area where small industry, offices, residential and leisure seamlessly blend together.


The original cable factory was built from 1914 to 1962 and used by the Dutch Cable Factory (NKF), a leading cable manufacturer in the 70s. The Kabeldistrict is a typical brown field development, an industrial, outdated area surrounded by the city. The total Schieoevers area comprises approximately 111 hectares and reaches from the city border to the city center. The total land size for the Kabeldistrict development is thirteen hectares. Space for new buildings is estimated 180,000 sqm.


Delft currently doesn’t have a distinctive urban environment with space and freedom for self-development. In answer to this need TCN will transform the site of the former NKF into a challenging residential and working area, the Kabeldistrict. This dynamic area will attract creative and technological, innovative entrepreneurs. The area is developed through 'organic urbanism', a way of developing that’s new to the city. There is no final zoning plan, we will work with an outline plan to make sure there’s flexibility to respond to trends and changes in the market. In the upcoming period, the area with its immense halls will get more 'color' by the young companies and startups that occupy the building and the activities organized in and around the Kabelfabriek.

The Kabelfabriek focuses on three target groups:

  • Think: creative services and (starting) innovative entrepreneurs
  • Make: creative, technical entrepreneurs who need room for experiment
  • Celebrate: exhibition functions for tenants in the Kabelfabriek and event organizers

Kabelfabriek Delft
Main function
Mixed use
Schieweg 15
2627 AN Delft
The Netherlands

Facts & figures

Purchase date
2007 - 2009


Investment value
Estimated € 250 million