Our projects


TCN surprising projects

Our projects connect the very specific demands of our customers to real estate products. We have to identify the specifics of our target audience and translate them into specific and thematic real estate solutions.

By generating demand we (re)develop locations and real estate into functional and therefore valuable assets, based on real market demand.

All our projects have to do with buildings and urban areas, usually existing but sometimes yet to be constructed. In our projects we always emphasize their function and, more importantly, the way people function, perform and feel at home in them.

Still, the quality of the construction process itself is merely a supplemental element of our business philosophy: long before the ground is broken, we devote ourselves to the concept and the management of the object in order to ensure that the future users of the building can be successful. Long-term involvement in our projects is one of our most important business practices. TCN invests in its projects for the long term.

Our products

We develop projects based on the needs of our (future) customers. Most of our projects fall in one of our product categories. Our main products are:

  • Themed business parks
  • Themed offices
  • Trade marts (B2B solutions for consumer industries)
  • Retail Parks
  • Data Hotels (datacenters) 
  • Educational campuses