Data Hotel Eemshaven

TCN Data Hotels

TCN Data Hotels with its 99.9999% availability rate since 2001 is a proven player in the datacenter market.

With three Data Hotels with more than 100 MW capacity and long-term relationships with national and international clients, TCN has proven to be a stable market leader for datacenters. TCN not only develops its own datacenters but also shares its knowledge by being involved in the development of Data Hotels for others, ranging from 1 MW to 30 MW.
TCN has Data Hotels in Groningen, Hilversum and Eemshaven.


In 2007 in close discussions with a major client, Data Hotel Eemshaven was built. Presently this datacenter is the largest in Europe as far as capacity built is concerned. This development was TCN’s first next generation datacenter using the smartest technologies available. Because of the spacious design, replacement of equipment is simple and expansion is easy. By distinguishing between a dedicated computer building and a dedicated technology building, clean and ‘dirty’ logistics remain separated.

After construction was completed, an international client occupied the entire datacenter including the offices for their own server equipment. Therefore, in this Data Hotel there isn’t any space available.


The demand for safe datacenter storage is expanding rapidly. To meet this growing demand TCN Data Hotels is continuously looking for opportunities to further expand datacenter capacity.

We therefore invite partners to join this expansion, share knowledge and develop and manage the Data Hotels together. Possible partners include technical, installation, equity and ICT partners. Partnerships are possible on project or on an overall level. TCN Data Hotels will fulfill the role of organizer and will initiate new projects together with partners initiate projects.

TCN Data Hotels management

Just like Data Hotel Groningen our own TCN team is responsible for the complete operation of Data Hotel Eemshaven. With highly educated staff 24 hours, seven days per week available on site we deliver a SLA of at least 99,9%. The availability is important in this sector, but what’s also important is the efficient use of energy as it is our mission to reduce the environmental effect of our business to a minimum.

Data Hotel Eemshaven
Main function
Data Hotel
Huibertgatweg 2
9979 XZ Eemshaven
The Netherlands
Phone number
+31 50 317 66 07

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Main tenant
confidential (single tenant)